Get Fortnite Skull trooper wallpaper, Bunker Jonesy background and much more

Fortnite the cultural sensation online video game was largely successful in recent decades. Mainly as a result of the Battle Royale variant which allows up to 100 players to clash in a battle royale. It has become a part of the modern pop-culture and its references. Many of its in-game characters have also gained popularity and has been the topic of popular merchandise and backgrounds on PC’s, phones and browsers. Characters like Skull trooper and Bunker Jonesy are a portion of the best ten Fortnite popular skins practiced by most enthusiasts.

The Skull trooper background includes the skull trooper skin that could be obtained from the Cash Shop if you’ve got 1500 V-bucks. The Skull trooper epidermis is a part of the Fortnitemares Update and will be the male counterpart of this Skull Ranger skin. The Skull trooper skin appears like a guy in a dark suit with a full skeleton painted on the suit which looks both menacing and cool. The skull trooper skin looks much better using the character carrying a scythe that matches perfectly with the skeleton theme of the suit.

Omega Fortnite background is based upon the Raven fortnite wallpaper and can is obtained in the game by reaching Tier 100 in season 4 Fight Pass, While this skin is a tad much like this Carbide costume, it is a significant update because of its cool high-tech appearance, The colours are inverted as compared to the carbide costume, and obtaining this skin also provides you with the”Omega Challenges” that will unlock more customization options, The Omega Fortnite skin resembles a high tech ninja match if he sheaths the blades behind the character.

Another favorite skin on the list is The Reaper. It is the best prize for having to Tier 100 from the season 3 Fight Pass. Also known as the John Wick Fortnite Skin, this skin is an easter egg speaking to Keanu Reeves in the John Wick movies. All these skins and a few others can be found for download and use as Chrome desktop wallpapers to personalize your Google Chrome browser. More than 200 high-quality backgrounds and more added as skins come out daily.

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